This web video is an example of a corporate video that can be used on a website. It is similar to a video version of the “About Us” page of a website. Website videos like this one can be used to tell your story in a way that is more compelling than text alone ever could be.

We produce website videos which are sometimes called “long-form” videos. We offer web video production and editing of long form video for use on the Internet or as a TV infomercial. We make training videos which can be produced as DVD’s or in other formats. Our staff has produced videos which have appeared countless times on tv commercials, documentaries, video CD’s and the Internet.

Below you can see a video we recently produced for use on a website. We also made a 30 second version which has appeared on TV. At the time our client had us make this video the product was very unique and his company was the only one in the USA offering this system. The website video needed to clearly explain the features and benefits of this unique alarm system.

This video was produced for a South Florida client to use on their website which we also made.

We shot the video in HD so that it could not only be used on the website but it can also be shown on a large TV monitor at trade shows.

Web video production is more involved than TV commercial production. With a TV commercial we often want to promote a brand or get someone to take action. The action may be to go to a store and look for the product or to pick up the phone and call to order the product or service that was seen on TV.

With web video production things are more involved because we have a story to tell that cannot be told in the 30-seconds allowed by TV commercial advertising. This web video is featured on a page of a website about restaurant app development. The video was produced in order to explain a lot of information without doing a lot of reading.

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