South Florida Ad Agency Offers Reliable Hosting

While other South Florida advertising agencies may offer to build a website for your business most will refer you out to some third party hosting provider. If anything goes wrong then you are on your own. One of the things that makes our South Florida ad agency different from other agencies is that we accept responsibility for your website long after the day it is launched. When your website is hosted with us we guarantee it will work and if anything goes wrong we will fix it at our expense. This includes and is not limited to websites being hacked, functions that stop working due to server updates and anything else that may go wrong. We run our own virtual/cloud servers at in Boca Raton.’s Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale facilities each have multiple subterranean, geographically diverse fiber entry points with four 4” conduits, 12 inner ducts and multiple fiber carriers including, AT&T, FiberLight, FPL FiberNet, Hotwire, Level(3), Paetec and Qwest. We have spared no expense to bring the most stability to our network, from our location, to our IP carriers; everything we do is with total customer satisfaction in mind.

The Ad Excellence cloud website hosting servers are in Boca Raton at 3500 NW Boca Raton Blvd, in the 900 building. Since we began running our servers at this location we have had zero down time. Our client’s websites have remained live during the worst part of every hurricane to ever hit South Florida.

Here are some key points about the unique advantages to hosting your website with our ad agency.


  • Building is concrete block construction with reinforcing poured concrete columns.
  • Buildings are UL listed
  • Roof trusses are pre-cast twin T-beam concrete…similar to parking garages.
  • Exterior roof material and application is designed to withstand winds up to 225 mph


  • Most of the windows on the outside of the building are just a facade. Wherever there’s datacenter behind windows those windows have impact glass and metal panels inside that are secured to metal framing. To further fortify, during TS or Hurricane warnings the windows are covered with Armor Screen ballistic nylon which is load-factor tested up to 276 mph winds.


  • The Datacenters are certified clean rooms; the sticky mats to catch the dirt on the bottom of your shoes are one element of that.
  • The 18-inch raised floors are used strictly for air flow. All power & cabling goes above the cabinets and cages.


  • There is 180 tons of computer room AC consisting of six 30 ton CRAC units to keep the facility at 72°F and 50% humidity. All units have multiple fans and compressors for redundancy.
  • VESDA system for air sampling and very early smoke detection
  • Advanced smoke detection and ionization sensors
  • eCaro25 (FM200) gas fire suppression with pre-action dry-pipe backup


  • We have multiple fiber entrances and multiple carriers entering via four 4-inch conduits with 12 inner ducts


  • We are 17-20 feet above sea level & 5 feet above center grade of Boca Raton Blvd.
  • The buildings have custom engineered lightning protection


  • Located in Boca Raton, Florida.
  • Type-1 all cement building.
  • Poured concrete ceilings.
  • Located less then 500 feet from the railroad, where every major fiber provider has facilities.
  • Liebert 600 & APC Silcon SL240KG on-line battery backup systems with N+2 redundancy and built-in static bypass switch which enables the UPS to transfer the load to utility power, without interruption, in the event of heavy overload or faulty conditions.
  • Onan & Thompson automatic transfer switches provide a reliable, safe means of transferring between multiple power sources.
  • Custom built Kohler Power Systems 750KVA auto-start diesel powered generator.
  • 2,500 gallon diesel fuel tank for the generator, enough to support our entire infrastructure for up to 14 days of continuous run-time.
  • Our own on-site 3,000 gallon fuel tanker to transport and store our own fuel.
  • Redundant CRAC systems both in Collocation Center and Data Center.
  • 24x7x365 CCTV security cameras, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Backup of all servers each night to our Fort Lauderdale location.
  • Video surveillance with live Internet stream for personnel to monitor and archived to CDR/tape.
  • Northern Access Control solutions with biometric palm reader/access card combination and remote access capabilities to integrate the most advanced security techniques.
  • Ademco alarm systems for total system integration.
  • Fire protection consists of both dry chemical (FM-200) and an ultra-high temperature pre-action sprinkler system (as a backup).
  • VPN (and outside accessible routers/servers) are protected by RSA/SecurID key fobs.
  • Three redundant OC-12 Bellsouth fiber optic rings provide diverse routes to multiple central offices, including Boca Main, south of the facility and Boca Teeca, northwest of the facility.
  • Two PTC/Level(3) OC-48 redundant fiber optic rings, one ring runs south to Miami via Fort Lauderdale; the second ring runs north to Melbourne, west to Tampa and back to Miami.
  • One Telcove/ Level(3)diverse entry OC-12 Ring
  • Unparalleled backbone connectivity via the international backbone that consists of transit with AT&T & Level(3) , as well as over 200 additional peering partners throughout the world.

We now run Cloud Hosting for enhanced reliability. The way the cloud works is that the websites are hosted on an array of web servers so that if one piece of hardware failed there are many other servers that would just take over. With this type of website hosting our clients don’t have any down time.

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