Web 3.0 Marketing – Social Media Marketing

What is Web 3.0 Marketing or Social Media Marketing anyway? Here is a review of how the Internet has changed.

Web 1.0 – We discovered how to use search engines. We would search for things and then we could read about those things. The Internet was something for us to read.

Web 2.0 – We discovered that we could not only search for things to read but we could also become publishers of Internet content. We could upload pictures to Facebook. We could put videos on YouTube. We could write blogs for everyone else to see.

Web 3.0 – Now the Internet is not only something for us to read and a place where we can publish things we want others to see; now it’s personalized. With Web 3.0 we carry the Internet with us on our smart phones. We can use all types of social media to learn about products and services that our friends like. Savvy business owners now use Social Media Marketing to reach out to us while we are out of our homes and away from our computers.

Please click to learn more about social media marketing management. When used properly all types of social media marketing can do more than just keep in touch with your client base. Our overall goal is to increase your ranking within the search engines and that will increase your sales. To us social media marketing is another form of website advertising.

In the end what it is all about is what you see in the videos below:

Social Media Marketing Management

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization