Web 2.0 Marketing, Social Media Network Marketing, Viral Marketing

Web 2.0 marketing offers businesses the latest form of viral marketing that incorporates interactive websites, social networking websites and blogs to the advantage of our clients.
Web 2.0 marketing is not the same as Web 3.0 marketing. To learn more about Web 3.0 marketing please click to view our website about social media marketing. Now that Web 3.0 marketing is available this doesn’t mean that we should forget about Web 2.0 marketing. In the end the goal is to get more customers to your website and both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 techniques will help.

Our team of Hollywood Florida web design professionals will develop a Web 2.0 viral marketing strategy to fit within your budget and bring you results that can be measured in dollars! Think of us as your public relations company for the Internet.

The video below show how our ad agency uses viral marketing to bring traffic to our website. Social media marketing or viral marketing works in two ways. People find the blogs and videos then come to your website and your website ranks higher as a result of the incoming links from the blogs and videos. At the end of the day what our clients want is more business in the most economical and effective way. All types of website advertising must show a return on investment. Therefore social media marketing, the way we use it has a very positive impact on your search engine optimization.

Viral marketing is taking over where search engine optimization leaves off. You may want to check out our other website and view examples of viral marketing.

Thanks to your help with our viral marketing and web 2.0 marketing we are seeing more traffic and more sales on our site CaviarLover.com. Now it seems that many more people are finding our site when they search for caviar, Ossetra caviar and imported caviar. We are very impressed with the thoroughness of your marketing campaign; your work is very impressive and so are the results.
Max Moghaddam

I’ve been so impressed with the amount of work you’ve done on my behalf. I have a website someone else made and never got anything from that site at all. Now with the viral video, the blogs, new website and other work you’ve done I get new patients all the time. I’ve been able to see from one week to the next how searches for “Fort Lauderdale Dentist” went from having my website not being found at all to getting on the third page of results and was happy to see my site at the very top of the second page of results. Now I see that you were able to get my site on the first page of results in Google.com when people search for “Fort Lauderdale Dentist”. I’ve also noticed my results are getting better when people search for “Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist”. People are also finding me when they look for “Fort Lauderdale sedation dentist” so this is just fantastic. Before you started this I was paying a lead generation company for leads but now I generate my own leads.
Dr. Natalia Benda

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