Unique Trade Show Displays

When you attend a trade show you want to get noticed, that is the whole point of setting up an exhibit to begin with. There are two ways in which you can have a unique trade show display:

1. The graphics on the trade show display can be unique.
2. The trade show display hardware can be unique.

We are a full service advertising agency so unique is what we do! We don’t offer ordinary displays and we don’t do boring graphic design.

The hardware we like to use for our trade show displays is unique because the shape causes it to make the graphics appear to pop out at you in 3-D space. Since most people are used to the old school curved wall (yawn) type of display our unique trade show displays stand out and attract attention. It isn’t just about having unique hardware and great design we also have functionality built into our unique trade show displays. For example you can have an 8 foot portable pop up display that only weighs 18 pounds. If you want a wheeled carrying case that converts to a podium then it is only going to be a total of 48 pounds. Some examples are shown below.