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When considering the cost to advertise on TV it is important to consider the cost to produce the TV commercial and the cost to run the commercial on TV. We have seen companies that offer business owners very nice generic TV commercials for all types of businesses. They simply drop your name and phone number in at the end and “sell” you the spot cheap. They also “sell” it to anyone else who will buy the spot. You never actually own the spot and you never take possession of the Beta tape with the spot. Where they make their money is by luring clients in with the cheap TV commercials and then they add on a licensing fee for the use of their commercial. They also require that the media buying must be done with their company. Here at Ad Excellence we don’t play games; we charge fair prices for TV commercial production and we have a media buyer with over 20 years of media buying experience. When our talented video production staff makes a TV commercial for you, then you will own that spot. We would be delighted to do the media buying for you but there is certainly no obligation to work with our media buyer.

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We offer full service television commercial production. We learn about your business and create a TV commercial to deliver your message in a powerful 30-second spot. Ad Excellence will recommend the best combination of networks to air your commercial based on your target geographic and demographic audience. When you deal direct with the networks, the cost is the same as it would be when you hire our agency. The reason companies prefer to use our ad agency as their media buying service is that we offer an unbiased opinion as to where to spend their advertising dollars. With so many broadcast and cable TV networks available to a business owner, our objective advice will be very helpful in reaching logical advertising decisions.

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