Table Top Displays

Table top displays allow you to attend many of the smaller, local business expos. Often the local chamber of commerce will have what they call a “Table Top Networking Event”. These local exhibits are a great way to meet the business people in your community and to let them know about the products and services offered by your business. We have attended many of these events and we see a lot of people who seem unprepared for the exhibit. They are given a six foot table and two chairs and they sit in their chair with some brochures on the table. Then you’ll also see the companies that come to the local expo with their professionally designed table top displays and they end up looking like the leaders in their line of work.

Table top displays can be very basic boards upon which you post some flyers. The problem with those is that they are only a small step up from the brochures sitting on the table. A big improvement would be a professionally designed pop up display made exclusively for table top expos. The best option is to have the pop up display and a matching table cover with your logo or some graphics. When you are one of very few exhibitors with a professionally designed table top display and a matching table cover then you will appear to be one of the more professional business owner at the exhibit.