When we build a website we always design it in a way that the search engines understand what the site is about so that it can be ranked properly. Often people already have a website for their business but the problem is that nobody can find the website unless the website owner gives people the website address. The problem with that obviously is that you don’t get new clients that way. A properly designed website should make you a lot more money than it costs you.

Our clients come to us with specific phrases that are important to them in the search engines. Since our website designers have been programming websites since 1995 we understand how the search engines work. We are able to optimize a website based upon the keywords that are important to our clients. Many people ask us how much it will cost for monthly search engine optimization. They ask this question because so many companies offer a monthly service for search engine optimization. We say that if you build the website properly from the start then the search engines understand what your website is about and it shouldn’t need a monthly marketing plan that goes on forever. Many of the websites we built prior to the year 2000 are still ranking very well for the phrases that are important to the owners of those websites.

One of our client, Dr. Natalia Benda says… I hired some other website designer before I ever met anyone at Ad Excellence. Before you couldn’t find my site no matter what you searched for. Now I come up at the top of and if you search for “broward dental office” or “fort lauderdale dental office” also “broward female dentist” and “fort lauderdale female dentist” and “fort lauderdale spanish dentist” and “fort lauderdale portuguese dentist” my site comes up at the top of both search engines. Now I get new patients from my website all the time.
Now that I was able to see what you were able to do for me with regular search engine optimization and how well that worked, I came back to improve my results even more by using web 2.0 & viral marketing and I’m so glad I did. I wanted people to find my website when they search for Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist or if they just search for Fort Lauderdale dentist and now they do find me, thanks! I was able to stop paying $1,500.00 per month to buy leads because now my website generates leads for me.

Don’t be fooled by “SEO Experts” who claim that you’ll need them to market your website forever. With the proper use of web 2.0 & viral marketing we can get your website to rank well for the search phrases that are important to your business..

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