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Rick Goldman has been building static page websites, eCommerce websites and database driven websites since he started his website development company called RBIweb.com in 1995. The “World Wide Web” as it was called back then seemed like the advertising bargain of the century. For a relatively small fee everyone could have a website which was similar to being listed in every phone book in the world. Today it has been estimated that their are more web pages on earth than there are people. Things are more competitive now so having a beautifully designed website is no longer enough. Now a website needs to be built with search engine optimization built into the site from the beginning.

Sometimes a business is in a very competitive field and the basics of SEO won’t be enough. We are able to create all types of website advertising with the goal of getting the website to rank better organically.

For serious Internet marketing campaigns we can go well beyond the pay-per-click programs. Pay-per-click is great for small budget marketing efforts of a few hundred dollars per month. If your Internet advertising budget is $1,000.00 per month or more please click to view more aggressive viral marketing options and social media marketing.

The most important thing Rick Goldman accomplishes for our clients is that he builds websites with search engine optimization in mind. Rick says, “What good is it to have a beautiful website that nobody ever sees?” Rick has such a talent for this that he says, “You may find someone to build your site for a little less money but you’ll pay for it the rest of your life when people can’t find your website unless you give them the website address!” Our clients come from all over the United States and as far away as Indonesia and South America.

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