With everyone Tweeting and Yelping, today’s business owner has so many more advertising options than before, but with all the social media options available, trying to keep up with everything can become overwhelming. If you don’t know hashtags from hash browns or mashups from mashed potatoes you’ve come to the right place. You might be wondering if you really need to Tweet and who would follow your tweets anyway. You may question what Foursquare could possibly do for your business. You may have asked yourself if customized Facebook for business, Google+, Blogs, YouTube, Yelp and City Search and other social sites are important to your business.

If you are an attorney, retailer, physician, manufacturer, wholesaler, or any other business person you must be wondering if social media marketing or social network marketing is right for your business and what it might cost. The fact is that you can ignore social network marketing but it won’t ignore you! Social media marketing is being done by your competitors and it is already being used by hundreds of millions of people who are searching for businesses like yours. Forget SEO (Search Engine Optimization) welcome to today’s world of Web 3.0, where websites are ranking higher based upon their social media interaction on the Internet. On this website we hope to answer all of your questions and concerns by giving real-life examples of how specific types of social media marketing can be used to bring new clients to your business. Learn more about social media marketing for small businesses.
Here is a review of how Social Media Marketing evolved –

Web 1.0 – We discovered how to use search engines. We would search for things and then we could read about those things. The Internet was something for us to read.

Web 2.0 – We discovered that we could not only search for things to read but we could also become publishers of Internet content. We could upload pictures to Facebook. We could put videos on YouTube. We could write blogs for everyone else to see.

Web 3.0– Now the Internet is not only something for us to read and a place where we can publish things we want others to see; now it’s personalized. With Web 3.0 we carry the Internet with us on our smart phones. We can use all types of social media to learn about products and services that our friends like. Savvy business owners now use Social Media Marketing to reach out to us while we are out of our homes and away from our computers.