Retail Promotion

We made this 30-second TV commercial to promote a retail sales event. The client will go from city to city offering this sale. We produced the TV commercial and we do the media buying for the air time on TV. This TV commercial will be run in various South Florida cities, one location at a time.

For clients outside of the Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton area we are able to produce your TV commercial and run it in YOUR local area or run it regionally as well as nationally.

TV commercial production requires hours of setup and arrangement of the products. We determine the best layout of the items.

Careful consideration is given to lighting angles. We want the product illuminated but without creating glare.

In preparing to shoot the TV commercial we look at where to position products relative to the lights and camera. We shoot the products from several angles.

Hours are spent shooting the video. Almost all of what we shoot will never be used. After about 2 hours of shooting we edit out a 30 second TV commercial.

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