Snack Food Ad – TV Commercial Production

We made this 30-second TV commercial for a pawn shop with locations in West Palm Beach, Davie and Coral Springs. We made one commercial but ended each of the three spots with the address of the location where the commercials are being broadcast. For example the Coral Springs TV commercial only shows the Coral Springs address at the end. Using Comcast we are able to run that ad exclusively in Coral Springs. This allows us to run the spot many more times than we could if we were running it on a non cable network such as CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox. Additionally the broadcast networks would cover such a large area that much of the advertising would be wasted on people who live too far from the store location.

For clients outside of the Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton area we are able to produce your TV commercial and run it in YOUR local area or run it regionally as well as nationally.

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