Law Firm Advertising

Law firm advertising can be very effective for personal injury attorneys. We keep current on Florida Bar Association rules and regulations so that we don’t produce a TV commercial that will be rejected. The regulations are always changing and this commercial was approved at a specific time and later it may violate some new ruling. We expect personal injury lawyers to be experts on personal injury cases not advertising regulations. We can create a jingle to make it easier to remember the law firm name. The jingle can then be used in radio advertising and on the attorneys website. People don’t think about a personal injury lawyer until the day they need one. For that reason we like to run the commercials consistently over a long period of time. This method is different from a store having a weekend sale in which a lot of ads would be run over a short period of time such as a week or two. For a law firm advertising we always prefer fewer ads per week and to keep them running. Repetition is the key when advertising a service that people can’t impulse buy.

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