Auto Dealership Advertising

Auto dealership advertising should always have a strong call to action. We need to motivate the viewer to take action. When we work for a dealership we don’t accept other competing dealerships as clients.

To make the general managers job easier we produce a spreadsheet showing where all advertising dollars are spent. We update the spreadsheet regularly, as needed so that costs can easily be controlled. For example if you dealership runs ads in newspapers, TV, radio, magazines and online it can be difficult to keep track of everything. We have seen dealerships where the managers of different departments run their own advertising and then there is no control over expenditures. When we work with a car dealership we ask all departments to direct all calls to the dealership from advertising sales reps to us. We place all advertisements on behalf of the dealership and track all costs in the spreadsheet. All costs are entered into the spreadsheet before contracts are made to place the advertising. Once the spreadsheet is approved then we place the ads. By handling the advertising this way there are no surprises at the end of the month when the bills begin to arrive.

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