Video Background Web Design

We used WordPress to give the client an easy to use Content Management System. They also wanted a video background web design because they are in the business of making videos. Lately this style of web design is popular with a lot of businesses and usually they will have some stock video playing in the background. In this case we used a behind the scenes video they created just for this purpose. Running a video background can create a new problem in which the website runs very slowly. Videos are big files and this particular one is about 1GB. That means that if ten people view the website at the same time then 10GB of bandwidth is consumed. The other problem is that most hosting providers will charge extra for consuming such a large amount of bandwidth. An extra 10GB of bandwidth would come from only ten visitors to the site in one day and that would amount to about 300GB in a month. There are plenty of websites that won’t even use 1GB in an entire month. The problem is compounded because they are in the business of making videos and these videos are also shown on the website. If one person views 10 videos then each person may generate 10GB of bandwidth to the website which would slow it down tremendously. We can run videos from another server so that we don’t run into a bandwidth issue.
video background web design