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This company offers tie dye t-shirts and custom printed t-shirts. Our job was to come up with a great looking layout and make a custom shopping cart system that would be easy for their non-technical employees to manage. Additionally they wanted a way that they could change the text on any of the pages. To handle this part of their request our programmers came up with a very simple to use back end or admin area that they can easily manage. There is no programming required, they simply type in plain English what they want to appear on the Internet, click “Update” and it is done. Fashion changes all the time so they don’t want to be paying a programmer or developer to constantly make updates for them. With our easy to use CMS they can handle all updates on their own. This is an example of a Content Management System or CMS used in an eCommerce web design.

With t-shirts there are options that we have to build into the shopping cart system. For example a tie dye pattern may be available in different colors. There are many different styles and each style is available in several different sizes. Many vendors of wholesale t-shirts will have higher prices for some of the bigger sizes such as XL, XXL and XXXL. From the admin they can login with their user id and password and setup the base price and separate prices for the larger sizes.

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