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The owners of this website are in a business where new clients typically come from title companies, mortgage companies and real estate agents. In other words most home inspection companies rely upon word of mouth advertising. Word of mouth advertising is great but the business owner has no control over when someone will tell a friend or client about their business. The two men who own this company realized that most home inspection companies don’t do any marketing at all and they saw an opportunity. They realized that if they had a professionally designed website that this would help them to look like leaders in their industry.

They hired our South Florida CMS web design company to help them stand out from the competitors in their line of work.

This is a database driven web site or a CMS – Content Management System web site. Our writer creates all the text and our website designer creates the design. The website owner doesn’t need to do a thing to this website. However with the Content Management System the web site owners could make changes to the text or images on any of the pages. We also added a news section where the website owner can add news of interest to home owners.

Our graphic artists also created the logo for this home inspection company. Our websites look their best when we design the logo too!

Please watch the video below to see our easy to use CMS web design.

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