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Our professional creative team made this great looking layout for a roofer who has been in business for over 40 years. They noticed as time went by that they were getting fewer clients. The clients they were getting lived in smaller homes and of course those homes have smaller roofs. The roofer keeps ahead of most roofers in education and quality of work so they wondered what went wrong. They had online presence that someone else made years ago in the early days when being online was something new. At the time just being on the Internet put them ahead of most other roofers in South Florida. The problem was that what they had online was old and looked very dated. Seeing something so old fashioned looking from the 1990’s makes a business look like they don’t keep up with the times. It was a new marketing director that decided that they’d hire us and have our firm come up with a fresh new look. There was nothing we could save from the old one so we started as if this was a brand new business. Our graphic artists also created a new logo and once that was approved then we continued from there.

They want to sell roofing and don’t want to become computer programmers. Our programmers developed a way that they could login with a user id and password and make changes on their own. Some things can’t be changed from the admin such as the form which asks “What Roof Is Best For You”. Other than that they can add new pages and upload photos and videos to show off their work. The marketing director tells us they are very busy these days with people who fill out the Free Price Quote form. That form generates leads for them and many of those become clients.

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