Responsive Web Design – Mobile Friendly Web Design

mobile friendly web design

In 2013 we stopped offering mobile friendly web design as a separate option. Now all of the new projects we work on must be responsive. What this means is that the site will appear one way on a mobile device and a different way on a laptop or desktop computer. The video below shows how this would appear on a smart phone. One of the most obvious differences will be in the navigation menu bar. On a computer you’ll see the buttons shown in the above picture. On a smart phone or tablet it will appear as you see in the video below.

This is not WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Although we have experience with all of those platforms this is a 100% custom programmed CMS – Content Management System.

  • The site owners can change any text or photos
  • They can add new pages
  • Images in the home page animation can easily be changed
  • New subcategories can be added

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