Products Web Design

In the typical products web design we would display and sell products. This example is different because although we do display products they cannot be purchased online. In this case the website is used more like an online catalog showing products that can be purchased along with prices and quantity discounts.
products web design
In this type of products web design the lack of ecommerce is the result of the complexity involved in purchasing the products. For example if a product is printed with a one color logo the cost is different from printing with a two color or a full color logo. The cost would also change if you print in more than one location on the product. Although we could have programmed the website to list every possible option and price the owner wanted to keep it simple.

In order to make it easy for the website owner to make updates to the products and prices we used WordPress. Now they are able to easily edit things without paying a programmer or designer to make simple changes and additions. This is also an example of a mobile friendly design that will work on all devices.