Medical Web Design

medical web design

In this medical web design example we used WordPress to make the site easy for the owner to update without the need to learn any programming skills. With over 20 years of web design experience we know how to make medical professionals stand out from the competition.  This is an example of a responsive web design which means it will reshape itself to fit whatever device the viewer is using.  Today responsive web design is the only type of web development we do.

Over the years we have created websites for dermatologists, dentists, pediatric dentists, chiropractors, psychiatrists and psychologists.

We began with a WordPress template and did some custom programming and design to make it look nicer. Today there are many people who can buy a template and fill in the blanks; what makes us different is that we 20 years of experience as custom programmers and designers.  We can take a basic WordPress theme template and modify it to do anything we want.

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