Lawyer Web Design Miami

lawyer web design miami

The videos below show how this Miami lawyer is able to manage any changes to the web design on his own.

We often do web design work for Miami lawyers and we understand the regulations imposed by the Florida Bar Association. For example many attorneys are experts in their specific field of practice yet they often do not know what they can and cannot have in their website. Did you know that if you spent your entire career only doing criminal defense your website cannot use the words “expert” or “specialize” because only a Board Certified lawyer can use those words. Maybe you already knew that but how about this one: You are not allowed to show examples of the results you have achieved for your clients unless you first have a disclaimer that potential clients read and agree to before viewing the cases you’ve handled in the past. Maybe you knew both of these things and wouldn’t it be great to work with a web designer that already knows that too? Criminal defense attorneys and personal injury lawyers always want to cite examples of cases they have handled and we know how to properly setup the disclaimer with the “I agree” button. You can see an example of that by clicking the picture above and going to the “Representative Cases” page.

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