Lawyer Web Design Fort Lauderdale

lawyer web design fort lauderdale

Joe Titone Fort Lauderdale attorney had an old website that wasn’t helping his image at all. With over 30 years of experience as a Fort Lauderdale attorney we wanted to show that he has experience and that experience matters. After serving in the Florida legislature and working for so many years you’d expect to see the law practice grow. The problem he faced was that he had a very old website and it made him look like he doesn’t keep up with the times. When you are looking for a personal injury lawyer or a criminal defense law firm you want to see experience and to get the feeling the the attorney is abreast of the latest developments in law. With our new web design Joe Titone looks like an experienced, professional Fort Lauderdale attorney.

The video below shows how the CMS can be used to make changes to this Fort Lauderdale lawyer web design.

Most of the time we custom design our own CMS web design which is also known as a Content Management System. In this case we have a lawyer who is not likely to use the CMS very much. We gave him a CMS web design rather than a basic web design with static pages because even for us it is easier to work with a CMS web design than it is to work with a static page web design.

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