Law Firm Web Design

For a professional law firm web design trust us to give you something unique, beautiful and professionally designed. We have our writer research your specific law firm area of practice and then she writes all of the text for the website; subject to your approval of course. We know that you are busy with your law practice so we take care of all the details for you.
law firm web design
The Florida Bar Association has strict rules on how lawyers in Florida can advertise. In a law firm web design it is normal for the attorneys to want to show a listing of recent cases. The problem is that before we are allowed to show a member of the public that page we must have them read a disclaimer. The disclaimer points out that past performance is not an indication of how your case will turn out. It requires a little custom programming to set up this page. We began our web design business in 1995 and custom programming is nothing new to us. Although this is a WordPress web design example we are able to customize WordPress as needed.