Joomla Web Design

joomla web design

We decided to build this social networking web design using Joomla. We were able to add plug in modules that would help the client to reach their goals for the website and keep the cost lower than it would have been if we were custom programming everything. There is still an extensive amount of custom development involved and it would have been much more involved if we did everything from the beginning. Joomla provides a nice platform for a robust content management system.

The video above show how we can login to the Joomla CMS and make changes to the news articles at the top of the home page. No programming skills are required to make these changes.

What makes this Joomla web design a social networking website is the following:

  • People can post reviews of schools
  • Parents can comment on the reviews
  • Teachers and school administrators can also be involved in comments
  • People can chat live on the site
  • Unemployed teachers or teachers wanting to relocate can apply for jobs
  • Schools can post job openings that they have
  • Schools and educational institutions can advertise and market their services
  • Users can keep documents such as resumes, photographs in an electronic briefcase
  • Registered users can publish material in a variety of forums
  • Local businesses can buy advertising space on the site

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