Joomla Web Design

joomla web design

Joomla web design is the use of a third party software which allows us to also do custom programming and development and add on plug in modules to increase the features in the end product. In this example we wanted to be able to show a large number of trade show displays, iPad kiosks, overhead hanging signs, banner stands and table top trade show displays. The best way to accomplish this was by using a shopping cart plug in. No actual shopping is done online on this website and the shopping cart is used only as a way of organizing the products. Since the trade show displays all need to be fully customized it would be difficult to set a price on them and actually sell them in the shopping cart.

Another example of a plug in that we used here was one that allows us to have separate keywords, titles and description for each page. This is helpful in getting search engines to understand what each page is all about. For example if all pages shared the same keywords then no search engines would be able to determine what pages have retractable banners compared with which pages have pop up trade show displays. The video below shows how this plug in works.

Update: The Joomla theme was several years old and it was not a responsive web design. Since so many people go online with smart phones and tablets we rebuilt this website using a responsive WordPress theme.

Another added advantage of using Joomla is that they already have thousands of users around the world. If any problem is ever detected then it will be corrected and we get the update for free.

The video below shows how we can add a page into a Joomla web design by copying and pasting from a Microsoft Word document.

Most of the time we custom program our own CMS web design which is also known as a Content Management System. When we first began programming back in 1995 the CMS was always known as a database driven website.

Please click to view this Joomla example and see unique trade show displays.

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