Jewelry Web Design

jewelry web design
This jeweler is located in the Seybold Building in Downtown Miami. They had a website which had several problems. We had our website designers and ecommerce programmers work on a brand new design with all new functions. The price of jewelry will change frequently based upon the price of gold and other precious metals. The jewelry store owner doesn’t want to have to change prices one by one in the back end or admin of the website. We setup a system in which they can make all of their changes on a spreadsheet. Then when they import the spreadsheet into the back end of the website it has all the correct prices.

Update: This website was made several years ago. In 2015 the owner agreed to have us redo the website in a way that to the public it would look like nothing has changed and now it is mobile friendly. All of the back office functions work exactly the same so there was nothing new for the owners to learn.

Engagement rings are more complex as they are available in 23 sizes and up to 8 different metal types. The jeweler doesn’t want to have to make 23×8 different price changes for every engagement ring each time the price of gold changes. The video below shows how we made it easy for them.

They are also able to use our newsletter function to keep in touch with their clients in a way that is fully automated. The jeweler will setup email newsletters in advance and the emails will go out on a predetermined schedule.

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