Investigation Firm Web Design

investigation firm web design

One of the oldest investigation firms in Miami investigated us and determined that we would be the best ones to make their new website. For over 5 decades, Investigators, Inc. has been providing all-inclusive investigative services to a wide variety of clientele throughout the nation and internationally. Established in 1955 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, Investigators, Inc. is the state’s oldest licensed investigative agency, and its cutting-edge methods continue to set the standard for the investigative industry of today. They know how to conduct an investigation and they have concluded that our reliable team of website designers were able to offer them what they wanted at the best possible price.

The website uses what we call a CMS which is a Content Management System. This easy to use CMS requires almost no training at all because it is as simple as typing an email. For business owners who like the freedom of not being obligated to pay a website designer each time they want to make a change to their website this is the best option. The website owners can change the text and pictures on the pages or add new pages or entire new sections full of pages. This is the last website they will need to buy because as their business grows, this website grows. Best of all the website grows at no additional charge.

Since most searches are done on smart phones and tablets it was also important for this website to be mobile friendly. Since the time when smart phones were introduced we began making mobile friendly websites.

When it came time to look for investigation firm web design companies they investigated us and were happy with what they found.

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