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This website is all about interactive trade show displays and fully customized iPad sales presentations. The types of interactive displays offered can be built into office walls and conference room desks as part of the permanent setup. They are also able to be made very portable for use in trade show exhibits. The sales presentations allow a marketing director or sales manager to know that everyone is telling the same story about the company and using the same branding. We set it up in a way that allows easy changes, updates and additions by use of a WordPress web design Content Management System.

This is also a good example of what is now known as: Responsive Web Design. What this means is that with this type of website design you no longer need a separate mobile site. The website will automatically adjust itself and move the pictures, text and videos around so that they fit the size and shape of the device being used to view the content. Please click the picture above to see how it looks on your computer and then view it on a smart phone or tablet and you’ll see exactly how this works.

Here you can learn more about interactive trade show displays.
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