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Our website designers came up with something very unique for this Fort Lauderdale chiropractor. Their chiropractic office is unique and their website had to show that they are different from other chiropractors. They offer yoga and all types of services that we don’t normally associate with chiropractic care. Additionally their website had to handle the sale of more than 100 products. This is an example of a database driven website which can also be called a CMS or Content Management System that uses ecommerce. In this website they wanted the option to have a different header at the top of each page so we built that into the admin of the content management system. They also wanted to be able to have three different photos used to make up the top banner. In the screen shot of their website above you can see a main image to the left and a top and bottom image on the right. The website owner can easily change the images by logging into the admin of their new content management system website. Now when they add new pages to their website they can make the banner at the top of each page different from the banners on all the other pages.

We also built in a News & Event section where they can give updates on yoga classes and special events. This part of the CMS works differently from simply adding a new page to the website. There is no limit to what our website designers and developers can create for you.

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