Musician Web Design

musician web design
This Toronto Canada musician wanted a way of being able to easily add videos, mp3 files and send out newsletters to clients. We set it up so that it is easy for the musician to update and with our Content Management System (CMS) he can add pages and entire new sections to the website without any programming skills. The band owner is establishing a presence in South Florida and was looking someone in the Fort Lauderdale who could help him to accomplish his goals here.

Our talented staff built in a feature that will automatically email customers two weeks prior to their anniversaries and birthdays to remind them that it is not too late to have great music at their celebration. There is no limit to the robust features our developers can add into your next project. If you click the picture above you’ll be able to see it live on the Internet and you’ll see a Free Quote form. This Free Quote form is a lead generator for the band and it brings them many new clients who need their services. You will also see that we created a way for the client to upload sound files of his actual performances. There is also a section full of videos which the musician can easily manage. A band or musician is not so different from other business owner who want to be in control and make changes without paying a programmer. We are ready to help you too!

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