Dentist Web Design

dentist web design

Anytime we work on a dentist web design project we prefer to use actual photos of the dentist, staff and dental office. Stock photos have their place for some of our projects and in dental web design people want to see what the dentist and office staff look like. We have years of experience with web design for dentists. Here we feature a simple animation on the home page which the dental office is able to change at anytime. There is also a very easy to use Content Management System which is accessed by the use of a user id and password. From the CMS the dental staff is able to change the text, add new photos or add new pages and new sections. When we create a dentist web design there is nothing the dentist needs to do to finish the project. We write all the text, we add all the photos and create all the pages. The point is that at anytime in the future it is very easy to make updates without hiring a programmer.

This WordPress web design is replacing a fill in the blank web template the dentist got from a company that specializes in dental web design. The problem was that the original website looked like all the other dental websites and it even had the same text. Search engines detect the duplication of text and she had no ranking in search results. We also thought it was important to show an actual photo of the dentist instead of a model dressed like a dentist. Additionally the new web design is mobile friendly and the old one wasn’t. Since more than half of all searches are done on smart phones and tablets all websites today need to be mobile friendly.

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