Dental Website Designers

dental web design

The videos below show examples of custom programming that we used.

This is an example of a pediatric dentists website design. The dentist was leaving one dental practice and starting her own. The website was completed a few months before the new office was ready to open so that if anyone wanted to find her they would be able to do a search and locate her new pediatric dental office.

Since this is a database driven or content management system website the dentist is able to keep the website updated by adding pictures, videos and testimonials. From the backend or admin of the website the dentist can add new pages or entire new sections to the website. When we custom design a website we give it to our client finished so there is nothing they need to do; they are able to add and make change to the web if and when they would like to do so. In the video above you can see how we build in all the basic components of SEO or search engine optimization. We don’t use tricks that will get you banned from the search engines; these “meta tags” are what the search engines are looking for in order to determine what the website is about.

This specific type of back office system that allows the dentist to manage the site is called a CMS web design.

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