Custom WordPress Web Design

custom wordpress web design

Here is an example of custom WordPress web design. We have built in many custom functions and features that don’t come with your typical WordPress web design. For example the company likes to put on events at their office and the website has a way for them to easily register guests. Once a guest registers on the site they get an automatically sent email which reminds them of the date, time and location of the event. Since we began our company in 1995 we have always been custom programmers. WordPress is relatively new and it uses the php programming language. We have many years of experience in using php and that makes it easy for us to offer custom WordPress web design. Had they wanted anything more complex or robust then we would have used .Net programming. With .Net programming we have more flexibility to create much more involved online applications.

We also have a blog which is divided into three parts:

  1. We have a regular part of the blog which looks like any other blog.
  2. We have Recent News which is a separate section within the blog.
  3. We have Popular News which is also a separate section within the blog.

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