Custom Exhibit Booths

custom exhibit booths

This is an example of a responsive WordPress web design about custom exhibit booths. We decided to use WordPress for this site because we know there will always be more images of custom exhibit booths being added. With WordPress it is easy to add new images and new pages to the site. This is also an example of a responsive web design, which means the site will automatically change its shape depending upon the device the viewer is using. For example on a smart phone the shape will be different and a gallery of photos would appear in a straight line one after the other. On a desktop computer or laptop it will look a different way. The menu buttons will work differently on tablets than it will on computers.

People search for custom exhibit booths on their smart phones, tablets and less frequently on computers. All websites today need to be mobile friendly. If you are using the Google app on your phone you can see “Mobile Friendly” next to websites that work well on mobile devices.

The other thing that is good about this type of design is that many people are already familiar with WordPress and find it easy to use. That means that the owners of the site don’t have to hire a programmer to make updates for them.

We can help if you need custom exhibit booths.

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