Infrastructure Contractor Web Design

contractor web design

Our website designers created this for an infrastructure construction contractor. They use the website to offer services related to infrastructure construction to cities, counties and the Federal government. They build bridges, dams, sidewalks, highways and parks.

The website is a database driven website which is also known as a CMS or content management system. This CMS is custom made by our programmers so that our client is able to make changes and updates to the website at any time. By having a database driven website the owner will never need to come back to us to pay a fee for website updates. They don’t want to learn to be website designers and they don’t need to either. The website administrator is able to upload examples of their construction work into the gallery at any time without paying anything extra.

You’ll notice this site uses Flash which doesn’t work on smart phones or tablets. The reason for this is that the client didn’t care because their clients sit at a desk in a government office with old desktop computers. Normally we would not make a website using Flash.

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