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The City of Bay Harbor Islands wanted an ecommerce website with a content management system where they could make updates to the website without waiting for someone else to get it done. Now with our easy to use content management system also known as a CMS the employees within the municipality are able to make updates on their own. We were also able to allow one administrator of the website to control what type of access another administrator will be allowed to have. Within municipalities there are many employees and one employee may need access to only the News and Calendar of Events section of the website. The main administrator is able to give someone else access to only those things that they should be allowed to access. The people who live within the city are able to pay their bills online which makes collection more efficient for the municipality.

To clear up any possible confusion about CMS websites, this is the same as a “Database Driven” website. We have been making websites since 1995 and back in the early days when someone wanted to make changes to their own website without having to have a programmer make the changes we made a database driven website for them. Today this same style of website is referred to as a Content Management Website or Content Management System. Some people prefer the acronym CMS. All of these things refer to the same style of website: cms, content management system, content management website and database driven website. Some CMS sites also have ecommerce which means that you can buy things online.

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