Lawyer Web Design Fort Lauderdale

lawyer web design fort lauderdale

In this web design for a Fort Lauderdale attorney the first thing you may notice is that we have a dark, gloomy photo featured as the first one in the home page animation. You may wonder why we did that and as our client, an appeals attorney pointed out when people come to him they are already having a bad day. They had their day in court and lost and sometimes losing means that they will be on death row or they may be facing life in prison. This Fort Lauderdale lawyer can only improve upon a bad situation. That is why he wanted stormy sky with a lighthouse as the first image in the home page animation of this web design.

The video below shows how the attorney can go into the Content Management System and easily make updates to list of cases he has appealed.

In the video below you can see how this Fort Lauderdale lawyer can change the text that appears with each photo in the animation. If he wanted to he could also change the photos that appear in the animation.

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