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attorney website deisgners

There are some web design companies that only work for lawyers. For every attorney that signs up with their company they switch a few pictures, insert the name and address of the law firm and they’ve got a new website. We don’t use any fill in the blank web design templates; we custom make everything unique for each law firm that hires us. Each client gets their own unique look and feel to help represent their law firm in the best possible light. We meet with our clients in person and go over their goals and ask about brochures, business cards and anything else they may already be using to represent their law office. Our goal is to keep a consistent look and feel with all of the marketing materials.

Using this content management system the attorneys are able to update their online presence with news articles and blog about interesting legal matters they are working on. This allows them to look like experts in their area of real estate law. When new information is added on a regular basis then it helps to make it look like they are very busy and that they may be the leaders in their field. Since the attorneys are able to make updates on their own they never have to come back to us or pay any other programmers to make changes.

The video below shows how they can add news stories anytime they like.

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