Panoramic™ Display Booth
Get the WOW your company wants even in a 10′ x 10′ exhibit space. Combine modular product, truss, custom painted acrylic and full color banner with the right lighting for a dynamic look. Here is an example of a built in flat screen TV monitor we can add on speakers, storage space, soft flooring that looks like wood or full color graphics on the floor. Although the example above is made to fit in a 10×10 exhibit space we make much more involved exhibit booths too! We can build rooms, second floors, iPad stands and whatever you may need.

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Where our company stands out from the other trade show booth companies is that we offer super fast setup, lightweight, portable 8 foot and 10 foot pop up trade show displays. Watch the video below and see one person setup an 8 foot pop up display in less than 15 seconds. We can design and deliver a trade show booth like the one below within about one week.

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