CMS web design offers the ability to keep your website updated on your own without going to a web developer every time you want to make updates. For example with a CMS web design you can simply log into the Content Management System and change the text and pictures on any page. With the old style of web design known as a basic website or static page website you would need to go back to the website designer for even the most simple changes.

CMS Web Design

There are many options available in CMS web design and with custom programming what we can make the Content Management System do is only limited by your imagination. The videos below show some of the options our custom developers are able to create.

We used custom programming in the design of this CMS website to allow the client to upload pictures of bottles and caps; From the CMS they can set which caps can be used with which bottles.On the live site a visitor can see how the caps look on various different bottles by selecting the combinations they would like to see.

In this example of CMS web design we added in a CRM or Customer Relationship Management System.  When someone fills out a form on the website then they are added to a group.  There is no limit to the number of groups that can be created and each group can have custom newsletters.

One of the most basic features of any CMS web design is that you can add new pages. You can also add subcategories which would appear as drop down menus in the website.

This CMS web design allows the owner of the construction company to change the pictures that appear in the home page animation. They can also add the text that will appear with the picture. This text is searchable by all search engines. The site owner can add a new page and add the “meta” info that the search engines are looking for.

In this CMS web design the pawn shop owner wanted an easy way to add new locations because they are buying other pawn shops. Our developers custom programmed this to allow the display of a map showing the location. They also wanted an easy way to add links to their Ebay Stores.

Most of the time we custom develop all of our CMS web design projects. In this case the security company was familiar with WordPress and asked us to make a WordPress CMS web design for them. In fact the blog you are viewing now is a WordPress blog. With a WordPress blog you can do all the basics, add pages, add pictures and add videos.

We have a lot of clients who are attorneys. If you are a lawyer you already know how competitive your business is because of the number of law firms in your city. With a CMS web design you can add new and interesting news stories as often as you like. These news stories are all searchable by every search engine and they will help with ranking results.

Social networking for dead people? Not exactly! We custom programmed this CMS web design so that family members can post pictures, videos and comments about loved ones who have passed away. This is a social networking web design project which functions in some ways very similarly to Facebook.