TV Commercial Production & Television Advertising

If you have ever thought about advertising on TV but assumed it was financially out of your reach, you may have been wrong. Television is much more affordable than many people think. When compared with many other forms of advertising having a TV commercial on the air is often a great value. TV Commercial Advertising Read More

TV Advertising Costs – TV Advertising Rates

People often call our South Florida ad agency and ask questions such as “What does it cost to advertise on TV” or “I’m checking around I want to know YOUR rates for TV advertising.” Now it seems like a simple enough question and the answer to the cost of TV advertising is anything but simple. Read More

Sell Your TV Commercial Ideas

As the owner of an advertising agency it will frequently happen that someone will call or email to inform me that they have a great idea for a TV commercial. Sometimes they just want to give me their TV commercial idea and other times they want to sell the TV commercial idea or partner with Read More