Lawyer Business Card Design

A family law attorney wanted a lawyer business card design that would stand out from the others. We came up with a few ideas and presented them. They liked the purple card and wanted to see the same design in mint green so we changed the color and presented that. In the end they decided to use the purple design.

We liked the black and white look and thought of how it reminded us of a black tie formal event. We thought it might be helpful to show the cards in a way that makes them look like a photo of a stack of business cards. The client didn’t agree; no problem we tried again!

We tried again this time with a white background. We thought this might look too much like all the other family law attorneys. Our client agreed that it was too common looking and we tried again.

We tried again with a big letter Z which represents the first letter in our client’s last name. Success! The client liked this layout the best but didn’t like yellow.

Our client is a husband and wife team and in this case the wife wanted purple cards and the husband wanted mint green cards.

Any family law attorney should have been able to guess how this might turn out. Like the old saying goes, happy wife, happy life!