Brochure Design

Custom Brochure Design

One of the main reasons South Florida business owners come to our advertising agency is for brochure design. Often a local print shop offers brochure design and it is important to remember that some people are in the print business and others are in the design business. When you have a printer doing brochure design you get something simple and basic and either you tell them what text to put in the brochure or they simply copy it directly from your website. For some people that is good enough.For our clients their goal is often to take their business to the next level and to just copy from the web and paste into the brochure won’t work. Our writer has a Master’s degree in Journalism and she will write one set of text for a website and different text for the brochure. Sure the website and the brochure have a similar message; they just don’t have a similar amount of space in which to relay the message.Also a brochure design firm is going to put more time and attention into the brochure so that it won’t look so generic like a copy and paste brochure design from a print shop. The printer just wants to sell printing so their goal is to throw together a brochure quickly and inexpensively so that they can sell you the printing.Brochure design is a one time cost and we feel that it is worth the extra effort that goes into the writing of the text and the layout of the brochure for this one time expenditure. In the long run the big cost will be in the printing and reorders. You may as well have a brochure design that you are proud of so that when it is time to reorder you actually look forward to reordering.

+ Rick Goldman