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Brochure Designer

An important consideration in hiring a brochure designer is how the brochure designer will be able to show off your products or services. You only have past clients of the brochure designer to go by and have no idea what you’ll get until the project is already underway.

We think it is important to search for advertising agencies to get the best results in brochure design. We believe this because if you were to simply hire a graphic artist then the design can only be as good as whatever you can think of and describe to the graphic artist. When you hire an ad agency then you are getting an entire creative team.

The brochure design team will consist of a graphic artist, professional copywriter and at least one concept development person.

Another important point to consider is that you might also be looking for a professional website designer and by hiring a full service advertising agency you’ll have everything under one roof. This works to your advantage because you don’t pay double for design costs since the same design that is used for the website ends up being used in the brochure. This isn’t done just to save money but it is in fact the ideal way to do things because for branding reasons you’ll want everything to match.

Brochure Design Examples

Please watch the short video below to see some creative brochure design examples.

Brochure Design Examples

Brochure design as it relates to printing costs.

If money were no concern at all then any type of brochure could be designed. However, brochure design could result if costly printing. Consider the variables that might run up the cost of printing. A good professional brochure designer will work with you to keep within your budget by considering the design and printing costs.

Any time you have a curve or shape in a printed piece then die cutting is required. Some print shops do die cutting in-house and some send their work out for this service. Either way it will add to the cost to produce the finished brochure. Adding spot colors to a four color process brochure design will run up the cost as well. Varnish or UV coating is counted as an extra color. A simple cost-effective brochure would be a tri-fold brochure design. It isn’t complicated to design or to print so it is a very economical option.

Digital Printing of Brochures

One last consideration in brochure design is the quantity of brochures that is desired. Some businesses only use about 100 brochures in a year so they don’t want to order 5,000 and have boxes sitting around for years. Digital printing may be the way to go but this impacts the brochure design. With digital printing you can order just 50 or 100 brochures but the design must be more simple.

If you want only a small quantity of brochures then digital printing is the way to go but you will only have four color printing, no spot colors and you won’t be able to have any die cutting.

A perfect example of a good brochure design for digital printing is a tri-fold brochure. The cost might be around $1.00 per brochure but you can get the 50-100 that you want.

When you are looking for 5,000 or more brochures then you’ll want to use standard offset printing and you’ll be paying as little as $0.25 or less per brochure.

Brochure Design As Part Of A Direct Mailing Program

Brochure design may be your first step as part of a direct mailing program. As a full service advertising agency we are able to assist with all types of marketing for your business. We are able to not only design the brochures but we can also generate a targeted mailing list and direct mail the brochures that we design out to prospective clients.

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