• TV Advertising Costs – TV Advertising Rates

    People often call our South Florida ad agency and ask questions such as “What does it cost to advertise on TV” or “I’m checking around I want to know YOUR rates for TV advertising.” Now it seems like a simple enough question and the answer to the cost of TV advertising is anything but simple. Read More

    Sell Your TV Commercial Ideas

    As the owner of an advertising agency it will frequently happen that someone will call or email to inform me that they have a great idea for a TV commercial. Sometimes they just want to give me their TV commercial idea and other times they want to sell the TV commercial idea or partner with Read More

    Movie Theater Advertising

    If you want to be known in your community then movie theater advertising might be right for you. To produce a 15-second movie theater ad is much less expensive than producing a 30-second TV commercial. We can run your 15-second movie theater advertisement in the cinema, in the lobby, on smart phones and place banner Read More

    Social Media Marketing – Web 3.0

    What is social media marketing and Web 3.0? We will start at the beginning with Web 1.0. Web 1.0 – Where it all began. We went on the Internet using search engines and we found what we were looking for. We could read information on any topic. Web 1.0 was like having every book in Read More

    Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

    Web 2.0 Marketing Planning – Web 3.0 What Is The Difference Maybe you have read that social media marketing had cured cancer and that the blind can now see. Everyone loves to make outrageous claims about how their social media marketing company can help your business. In the video below you can see how we Read More