• Brochure Design

    Brochure Designer An important consideration in hiring a brochure designer is how the brochure designer will be able to show off your products or services. You only have past clients of the brochure designer to go by and have no idea what you’ll get until the project is already underway. We think it is important Read More

    Brochure Design

    Custom Brochure Design One of the main reasons South Florida business owners come to our advertising agency is for brochure design. Often a local print shop offers brochure design and it is important to remember that some people are in the print business and others are in the design business. When you have a printer Read More

    Logo Design

    Logo Design Examples As the owner of an advertising agency one of the most common problems I see is with people starting a business and they have no idea what a logo should be. The first step is deciding to hire an ad agency to design your logo. Once you’ve made this important decision then Read More

    Table Top Displays

    Table top displays allow you to attend many of the smaller, local business expos. Often the local chamber of commerce will have what they call a “Table Top Networking Event”. These local exhibits are a great way to meet the business people in your community and to let them know about the products and services Read More

    Unique Trade Show Displays

    When you attend a trade show you want to get noticed, that is the whole point of setting up an exhibit to begin with. There are two ways in which you can have a unique trade show display: 1. The graphics on the trade show display can be unique. 2. The trade show display hardware Read More