Tropical Chevrolet in Miami Florida told us that they were seeing a lot of cars in their service department that had been purchased from other Chevrolet dealerships. It was apparent to us that the people living in the primary market area of the dealership were listening to and seeing advertisements from other dealerships. We used a combination of newspaper, radio, broadcast TV and cable TV to increase sales.
We also produced a family oriented event to bring people in from the surrounding neighborhood.

We designed all of the posters, flyers and newspaper ads used to promote the event. Hundreds of people came and many bought cars Our video above shows the results of our efforts.

We were able to get great results for this car dealership without raising their advertising budget at all. The advertising agency you select to help market your auto dealership makes a huge difference.

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We designed promotional posters which we placed in schools and daycare centers in the neighborhood. We used the same design idea for 5,000 flyers we handed out to drivers in the area of the auto dealership. If you are concerned that this big event must have cost a fortune, you need not worry. Actually, we were able to get all of our advertising partners to contribute so that promoting the event didn’t cost our client anything more than the cost of the radio, TV and newspaper ads which were all running anyway.

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