Affordable e-commerce web design is something we are now making available to everyone that wants to sell products online. You can have an e-commerce website with all the features and functions you ever hoped for without paying thousands of dollars. Our price is so low that you’ll wonder if it is too good to be true or some stripped down e-commerce website that only offers the basics in the back office functionality. Have no fear, we are offering a full featured, very robust e-commerce website for only $299.99 setup fee and $29.99 per month for hosting.

affordable e-commerce web design

How is it even possible for us to offer such a great deal when other web design companies that you’ve probably checked with told you that the price would be anywhere from $3,000.00 to $10,000 (or more) depending upon all the features and functions you want added. Check out our other website and see how we are able to offer cheap e-commerce web design.

How can we offer such affordable e-commerce web design?

First of all we began making websites in 1995 and until now we could never have called ourselves an affordable e-commerce web design company. We were like all the other web designers and asked customers to tell us about all the features and functions they wanted in their online store and we’d then quote a price. The more features and functions they wanted the higher the price. This was pretty awesome for us but it priced many entrepreneurs out of the market. For example, you want to offer your online store shoppers coupon codes, cha-ching, that’s more money we’ll have to charge due to extra programming for that. You want to track coupon codes so you know where the online store visitors came from, cha-ching, that’s more money we’ll have to charge due to extra programming for that. You want to have inventory tracking so that when you reach X-number of a certain product remaining in inventory then your e-commerce website will email you to let you know inventory is running low, cha-ching, that’s more money we’ll have to charge due to extra programming. So what did we do differently now that allows us to offer such affordable e-commerce web design when nobody else does?

Affordable E-Commerce Web Design

What we did with more than 20 years of experience as an e-commerce web design company is that we considered of all the features people wanted in their online stores. We assembled that list of functions and decided to build an e-commerce website with all of them. Then when someone wants an affordable e-commerce web design we no longer have to start from scratch and ask what features and function they want. We give them the best e-commerce website development we have ever produced. You could say that we are just using a sort of copy and paste method to take an amazing e-commerce website and duplicate it for whoever wants a really cheap e-commerce website that’s full of features and functions. This is something we can only offer with online stores, it just won’t work for websites for lawyers, dentists, accountants, roofers, bakeries and other types of businesses. The reason it only works with e-commerce websites is that all e-commerce websites look pretty much the same, they have products in categories. For example if you sell clothing you have categories such as “Men’s” and “Women’s” and subcategories might be things like shirts, shorts, hats and shoes. Basically only the only thing that changes from one online store to another are the products for sale, the logo, banner on the home page and the contact information. Just to compare, consider a lawyer website in which the website is about a specific lawyer that had specific training to specialize in a certain type of law such as business litigation or personal injury, real estate or whatever. That’s why every lawyer web design project is a totally new and different task for us. Affordable e-commerce web design is now possible because we simply duplicate our full featured online store each time we sell another one.

Why don’t other web design companies offer affordable e-commerce web design?

The short answer is that it’s all about the money! It is much more profitable to ask clients what features and functions they want in their new online store and keep raising the price as they think of more options. It has always been true that we never had the job of entering our client’s products into their online store unless they wanted to pay extra to have us do that for them. The client would have to give us photos, prices and descriptions and by the time they did that they could have just added the products themselves in the CMS or Content Management System. Logically it makes sense for us to just keep selling the same full featured very robust, affordable e-commerce web design over and over for a very low price. Going back to the lawyer web design example we use above, each and every lawyer website is totally different and for that reason we could never develop some type of lawyer web design template. With e-commerce web development it’s a totally different story, we develop an amazing online store with every feature and function you could possibly want and just duplicate it each time we sell another online store. We only have to change the logo, home page banners and the contact information and our clients will add the products.